Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Case Sensitivity in

As a C# developer I am used to the usual case sensitivity issues. However recently I have been involved a project in that is being worked on by a couple of devs.

While we try to strive for consistency in casing (mostly for code readability). this is and the compiler does not look over our shoulder and warn us of case mismatches we sometimes miss these miscasses and things work just fine.

But we have been bitten by 2 scenarios in this project where case sensitivity was a issue - had this project been in c# we would have realized the mismatches right away  - but since we were debugging using a mindset the case mismatches didn't appear to be the cause of the problem which led to some head scratching.

These were the 2 issues we came up with:

  1. Viewstate: Viewstate indexes must be case sensitive which is the opposite of the Session list (go figure)
  2. In form/user control declarations the inherits (at least in v1.1 must be case sensitive)

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