Sunday, April 02, 2006

Suggestion: Search Engines - "Context Sensitive" punctuation Inclusion

I was searching over the internet looking for information on using as a javascript debugger. This is possible by adding "debugger;" in your JavaScript code - however it took me quite some time to find this info because whenever I typed "JavaScript debugger;" into a search box (both msn and google) they stripped the ; and returned pages that have the word JavaScript and debugger on the page - most of these pages point to the venkman debugger for firefox but that was not what I wanted I wanted "debugger;".

So my suggestion to the search engines - use the context of the search request to filter out the punctuation for example if the request has a programming language name in it for example JavaScript or c# then do not strip ; and give more weight to pages that contain the exact text I requested because we can assume the if I am asking for a programming concept - while at the same time if I type some thing like " is the new vb;" then the ; would be stripped because the VB "context" does not contain a ;

This can work in areas outside of software development where punctuation is used as part of actual wording (scientific notation etc...)

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