Thursday, November 24, 2005

Suggestion: WBF - Windows (Vista) Backup Foundation

Yicky!! I am in middle of trying to setup a remote backup type of thing (over the internet). The backup/file selection interface is terible. This isn't the first one I have tried and the other ones were just as bad - that's what happens when many different companys have to implement the same thing - they hardly do it well. This interface isn't a selling point for the companies anyways - they do it because they need to provide a interface so they throw something together

On the other hand the windows backup interface is useable - but just barely - definatly more then the internet backup stuff I am trying to set up.

So , My suggestion - Seperate the backup interface from the backup engine. Make a central windows backup information store from which any backup application can read. Then all these companies whould not have to reimplement the same functionality every time. You would also be able to reuse the info between apps ( a tape backup and a remote backup)

On the other side you can now have a third party come out with an even better backup interface then the one built into windows and have that replace the windows one.

An added benifit is that since you now have a single point of backup information - application developers can now plug into that and specify the file extensions that do need to be backed up for that extension type and you can now specify the applications to backup rather then directories. Apps can also provide a backup export type of functionality

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