Saturday, November 26, 2005

Suggestion: RAD Ajax

I have been looking at many of the AJAX solutions out there and they all seem to be very powefull, versitilte etc... etc... , However they are wayyyy complex.

In most of them you need to define client side javascript etc.... blecch....

My suggestion for MS re Make it simple.
This is how it would work:

When the page is first generated the value of RenderControl should be sent for the defualt settings (or settings that were set before the rendercontrol is called.
Each control should receive it's own little viewstate on the page wrapped in a

Then the user presses a button. A XMLHTTP message is sent to the server contining the postpack values of the page - THE PAGE ITSELF IS NOT CHANGED - just a postbak is simulated.
The developer responds to the On.... events by setting properties on the controls
A quick pool of the page is made to see which controls have had properties changed.
These properties are then JSONed out to the page again

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