Sunday, October 31, 2004

My. Wrapper for C# et. All

VB.Net 2005 has a new feature called "MY". My provides a quick access path to a lot of useful parts of the .net frame work. C# does not implement this feature however you can import the VB.Net dll and expose these capabilities (most of them) to your c# application.

OurSharp is an My. wrapper in c#. It is a small class that does some basic wrapping of some of the My. Objects. I named it our "Our" because in contrast to's "MY" this is accessible to all .net languages.

1. Add a reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic.Dll
2. Add "Using Our;" to the top of all source files you want to use this in.
3. To use the My/Our functionality type Our. and select a object from the codecompletion window

The following My classes have been implemented:


The other classes in MY are dynamically generated as you code - so a VS.Net addin would be required to get that done --- Maybe in the future.

The Source file is posted here

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